2018 NuSec Network Pilot Project Outputs

Posters from  our 5  pilot projects are now available to view and download. 

Cussans & Wright - Developing the SoLiD detector to measure anti-neutrino flux inside nuclear reactors Poster

Mc Milllan - An investigation of Glass Cherenkov detectors in a pulsed neutron interrogation system Poster 

Taggart & Paterson - The development of a Neutron-Gamma Telescope Poster

Cimadom & Smith -  Neutron and gamma sensitivity in undoped and Gd-doped plastic scintillator Poster

Maxfield, Smith, Kokalova and Dl Wheldon – A prototype Neutron Energy Spectrometer for Security (NESSY) Poster

All Pilot Project Posters will be formally presented at our Nuclear Security Detection Workshop, University of Surrey 15-16 April 2019.