US Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) invites joint UK Industry and Academic R&D bids

The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), part of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has now made the following call for proposals. It is open to UK academics and companies independently or in partnership with US organisations. Full details can be found at:

Specific Topics are

RTA-01: Approaches for Advanced Continuous Monitoring of R/N Threats by Law Enforcement Vehicles

RTA-02: Development of Accelerators with Applications to Homeland Security

RTA-03: Plastic Scintillators: Low cost, Large Volume, Spectroscopic and Long-Term Stable, Plastic Scintillators for Gamma Detection

RTA-04: Modelling to Improve Risk Assessment and Encounter Dynamics in Challenging (non-Port/Point of Entry) Pathways

RTA-05: Development of Materials to Support Fundamental Nuclear Data Targets and Nuclear Forensics Reference Materials


The timetable for the call is 

18 August 2016 Question Submission Deadline for White Papers,

14 September 2016 White Paper Submission Deadline, 4:00 PM ET

23 November 2016 DNDO: Responses for White Papers Provided to Offerors and Open for Proposal Submission

5 December 2016 Question Submission Deadline for Proposals, 

7 December 2016 DNDO: Responses for Proposal Questions Provided to Offerors

27 January 2017 Proposal Submission Deadline

By July 2017 Anticipated Award Date


For further details of this funding click here.