NuSec Phd 2019 Studentships Awards

We are pleased to confirm that  following an external competition, we have awarded up to 50% funding for three PhD studentships starting in October 2020 at the following  universities :-


Phd Title


Developing the next-generation shipping container scanning system


Development of mixed field radiation detection techniques for oil and gas well logging.

University College London

Larger area semiconductor detectors based on novel inorganic polycrystalline perovskite materials

Each Phd has secured  match funding from an industrial partner. The host University and Industrial partner will also provide further support through the loan of specialist equipment, access to laboratories & testing sites,  scientific knowledge, research supervision, advice on product commercialisation and R&D project management.

These PhDs will contribute towards the development of more accurate, cost effective and efficient  nuclear security detection systems and explore alternative non radioactiive techniques for oil and gas logging. They also involve collaborations across a range of disciplines including electronics,  medical physics,  material science, nanotechnology, computing, geophysics, environmental and particle physics.

We are now inviting applications for up to a further 3 NuSec Network funded Studentships, further details can be found here