NuSec help seeds a new Academic and Industrial Partnership

QMUL and Micron Semiconductor Ltd (MSL) have received STFC funding to develop a new kind of thermal neutron detection technology, based on MSL's CVD diamond capability.

This partnership was the direct result of Academic and Industrial networking following a presentation that Gwenaëlle Lefeuvre (MSL) gave at our Nuclear Security Detection Workshop, Surrey, 15-16th Apeil 2019 on CVD Diamond Sensors for Neutron Detectors.

This new Academic and Industrial research project aims to explore novel methods of adapting MSL’s existing technology to make it sensitive to thermal neutrons. If successful, the innovative technology will be able to extend the ability of MSL’s diamond detectors to detect fast neutrons down to thermal neutron energies. If realised, the new detectors are expected to have several applications, including use in medical facilities focused on boron-neutron capture therapy and monitoring neutron sources over a wide range of applications found in industry and research settings. 

QMUL are now recruiting a new Post Doctoral Research Assistant for this research project. 

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