SIGMA Data Challenge - Get Involved

A NuSec  and AWE pilot project to trial access for academic researchers to large scale data from multi-site radiation detectors.

The datasets to be made available by AWE, were obtained during the SIGMA London pilots of 2017/2018 where almost one billion gamma ray spectra were recorded by around one hundred distributed detectors located in central London. Datasets will be gradually released, and future challenges announced following feedback from researchers.

It is envisaged that this Challenge will require the use and development of Machine Learning or AI algorithms, to support analysis and conclusions about the distribution of radiation sources that were present in the field during the collection period. We are also hoping to offer 2-3 mth researcher funding for undergraduate or postgraduate student stipends.

To participate and to be granted access to the SIGMA data, you will need to complete an application form and agree to the specified terms and conditions. Please visit our Data Challenge Webpage for further details