CALL: April 2023 NuSec Research Collaboration Grant Applications

We are delighted to invite applications for our new NuSec Research Collaboration Grants.

This new grant program is a revision of our previous NuSec-NNSA collaboration grants. Although it is still focused on supporting UK researchers working in areas of nuclear security and non-proliferation, either collaboratively with US colleagues in the NNSA ETI, MTV and NSSC consortia, and the DoD/DTRA University Research Alliances , it will also support research activities that are solely based in the UK.

The remit of the new grants has been widened so that collaboration with US teams is encouraged but is no longer mandatory.

The funding limit has increased to £10,000 for Research visits and £100,000 for PDRA projects up to 12 months.

We welcome applications from UK researchers at universities and government laboratories.

Researchers based in industry can be a collaborative applicant on projects lead by a university and or government laboratory.

For further information on the application process and eligibility please visit our NuSec Research Collaboration Grants Funding webpage.