NuSec supports academic collaboration with the NNSA ETI, MTV and NSSC consortia through the provision of collaborative postdoctoral research grants, and support for mobility and training activities. NuSec also supports collaboration with the DoD/DTRA University Research Alliances. The aim of this support is to develop collaboration between UK and US researchers in the UK and the US working in nuclear security and non-proliferation skills. 

The funding application process has recently been updated (1st March 2023), and applicants should now apply using the new NuSec Research Collaboration Grant application form. These awards continue to support collaboration between UK and US researchers in nuclear security and non-proliferation technologies. Grants will be awarded up 80% of bid values. 

The collaboration grants are available to UK researchers wishing to collaborate with the NNSA consortia, including:  

  • Undergraduate student interns/summer research projects, up to £2,000 £2,900 (2 months at the  SEPNET Stipend rate of £1,450 per month
  • Research visits up to £10,000
  • Conferences and Training activities Up to £2,000  
  • Postdoctoral research projects (PDRA), £100,000 up to 12 months. FEC costs can now also include Overheads. This is a revision to our previous PDRA funding awards and is now applicable to all PDRA applications received from 1st March 2023.

 Collaboration grants to support UK researchers collaborating with US partners will be managed by NuSec. Equivalent funding for US researchers will be managed by the NNSA/DTRA consortia.

For further details on how to apply for a NuSec Research Collaboration Grant please click on the Guidance Tab below.

Unfortunately due to the success and strong demand for the NuSec Research Collaboration Grants. 

The grant scheme is now closed and we are unable to accept any new applications.

 For further details on the UK-US Awards, that we have offered to date please click on the Awards Tab below.