NuSec is pleased to announce a new UK-US collaboration network with the NNSA ETI, MTV and NSSC consortia. The network supports mobility and training activities to develop collaboration between UK and US researchers in the UK and the US working in nuclear security and non-proliferation skills. 

As part of this program, we are pleased to announce NuSec-NNSA collaboration grants to support collaboration between UK and US researchers in nuclear security and non-proliferation technologies. 

The collaboration grants are available to UK researchers wishing to collaborate with the NNSA consortia, including:  

  • Short term postdoctoral research projects (up to 3 months), up to £15,000 
  • Undergraduate student interns/summer research projects, up to £2,000 
  • Travel Grants, covering collaboration visits up to £5,000, conferences and training events. Up to £2,000 

Collaboration grants to support UK researchers collaborating with US partners will be managed by NuSec. Equivalent funding for US researchers will be managed by the NNSA consortia 

A workshop was held on 27th-28th April 2021 to formally launch the call for UK applications and provide opportunities for US and UK researchers to connect was attended by than 220 US & UK people.

For further details of the Workshop inlcuding presentations please click on the Events Tab below.

For further details on how to apply for a NuSec-NNSA collaboration grant please click on the Guidance Tab below.