NuSec Network Launch

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 10:00am – 4:30pm

Science Museum

The STFC Innovations Club jointly with the STFC Nuclear Security Science Network hosted a knowledge exchange and network launch event with industry and government agencies on current developments and novel applications of radiation detectors and detection techniques as applied to nuclear security. Nuclear security continues to be a high priority to the UK’s government. For these reasons the STFC Nuclear Security Science Network was set up to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration between academic researcher and stake holders in industry and government agencies. This area requires a highly multidisciplinary approach and effective end-user engagement.

This event was intended for:

  • Industry interested to know more about current knowledge exchange and commercialisation opportunities from UK radiation detection community
  • All stakeholders and researchers who are interested in participating in the Nuclear Security Sciences network 
  • Industrial and Government researchers looking for academic partners for specific development projects
  • STFC funded researchers working in radiation detectors developments wanting to get more involved in knowledge exchange and the funding available
  • Academic researchers from allied fields looking to find partners or develop capability in nuclear detection.

Key topics for this workshop included:

  • Radioisotope detection and identification
  • Localisation, imaging and tracking
  • Detection Technologies and Techniques

The workshop has also launched the STFC Nuclear Security Science Network, and highlighted forthcoming Network meetings for researchers and end-users, including research funding and knowledge exchange opportunities in nuclear security.