NuSec Network Post-Doctoral Support (PDRA) Support Grants

May 2018

The NuSec Security Science Network is  pleased to announce a competition for up to 10 short-term “PDRA support grants” worth up to £15,000 each, to research Nuclear Security network-related topics

These grants will be for a 3 month period and have a value of up to £15,000. They are intended to support the direct salary costs of PDRAs so that they can work 100% 3 months (full time) or pro rata for longer if other support is provided, on NuSec network-related topics. Indirect, Direct, University overhead or FEC costs are not eligible for support.

The PDRA can either be a new position, or an extension to an existing post.

Applicants are encouraged to provide external matched funding (such as from University Impact Accelerator Accounts) so that the NuSec award could support 50% of a longer 6 month project.

Proposals must support the aims of the NuSec network, to deliver research or impact activities which have clear objectives in Nuclear Security Science.

Priority will be given to proposals which support the three main areas of activity covered by the network to date:

1. Detection systems for nuclear security

2. Algorithms, data and autonomous decision making

3.  Alternative technologies for industrial use of radiation sources

Awards will be paid upon completion of the Project and submission of a Project Summary Report (1 side of A4 describing key achievements and outputs).

Applications must be submitted by 1st June 2018  e mailed to

Results will be announced on 1st July 2018. All projects must be completed by 31st March 2019.

If you wish to apply please read the PDRA Application Guidance Notes and complete the Application Form (above).

Download guidance notes