NuSec Research Collaboration Grants

March 2023

Unfortunately due to the success and strong demand for the NuSec Research Collaboration Grants. 

The grant scheme is now closed and we are unable to accept any new applications.

This collaborative grant program is a revision of our previous NuSec-NNSA collaboration grants, which aims to support UK researchers working in Nuclear Security topics. The grants support UK researchers working in areas of nuclear security and non-proliferation, either for collaborative work with colleagues in the US, or for research activities solely in the UK.

Compared to our previous NuSec-NNSA collaboration grants, the remit of the new grants has been widened so that collaboration with US teams is no longer mandatory.

The NuSec Science Network continues to support collaboration with the NNSA ETI, MTV and NSSC consortia, and also with the DoD/DTRA University Research Alliances. The Research Grants will provide financial support for a range of activities including postdoctoral research, mobility and skills training that can involve both UK and US researchers. The involvement of a collaborating US partner is encouraged but is no longer mandatory.

The NuSec Research Collaboration Grants cover a wide range of Nuclear Security topics, including:-  

  • Machine learning and big data challenges  
  • Advanced detection methods for nuclear fuel cycle monitoring
  • Radiation Detection, including detector development, digital pulse processing, and new materials for radiation detectors
  • Novel imaging techniques, including compact gamma and neutron imaging systems, cosmic ray muon imaging of large objects, and real-time CT imaging methods
  • Robotics and remote inspection technologies
  • Additive Manufacturing for non-proliferation technologies

A range of funding can be requested through these grants, including:  

  • Undergraduate student interns/summer research projects, up to £2,000 £2,900 (2 months at the  SEPNET Stipend rate of £1,450 per month )
  • Research visits up to £10,000
  • Conferences and Training activities Up to £2,000  
  • Postdoctoral research projects (PDRA), £100,000 up to 12 months. FEC costs can now also include Overheads. This is a revision to our previous PDRA funding awards and is now applicable to all PDRA applications received from 1st March 2023.

All grant awards will be made at 80% of the total project costs, up to the amounts stated above.

All award activities must be completed no later than 31st March 2025, to comply with the NuSec Network final end-date stipulated by the STFC.

We welcome applications from UK researchers at universities and government laboratories.

For further information about the application process and eligibility please download our Research Collaboration Grant Guidance Notes and read our FAQs

To apply please download the Application Form. 

Please email your completed Application Form and supporting documentation to

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