STFC Challenge Led Applied Systems Programme (CLASP) 2018 Call

November 2018

This fairly open STFC call seeks proposals that address UK and global strategic challenges e.g. Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Government department Areas of Research Interest, UN Sustainable Development Goals. The lead applicant must be employed within a research group previously or currently funded by the STFC particle physics, astronomy, nuclear physics and particle astrophysics programme (including computing and accelerators supporting these areas) or be employed within STFC laboratories or facilities. Proposals must clearly demonstrate the application of  the science technology and expertise  that orginated from the STFC programme.

Up to £2m is availlable in this call for projects which seek to maximise the practical impact of STFC-funded research and innovation to advance or address at least one of the grand challenges by:

  • fostering global economic performance, and specifically the business competitiveness of the United Kingdom;
  • increasing the effectiveness of public services and policy;
  • enhancing quality of life, health and creative output.

Applications should aim to address market needs ideally by working closely with the end users. The application should also consider data ownerships, ethical issues and appropriate regulatory pathways. A business plan is required to provide exploitation plan(s) with support from appropriate industrial and other collaboration to ensure route to market. 

Applicants must also state how their proposed research and planned activities will advance at least one of the industrial, environmental and societal challenges facing the UK and other countries. CLASP (Challenge Led Applied Systems Programme) supports the application and commercialisation of STFC research in industrial, environmental and societal grand challenges.  UK and global strategic challenges include:-  

Proposals aligned to  the UK's Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment should be submitted to ODA programmes, such as GCRF or Newton Fund. 

Applications can be submitted via Je-s from 1st November 2018 and the closing date is 6th Decemeber 2018.

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