UK-US Collaboration Grant Awards to Date

March 2022

To date we now have awarded 11 UK- US  NNSA collaborative research projects, with a total project value of ~ £113,000.

A full list of awards to date can be found here

Our awards will specifically enable UK ECRs to undertake 3-month joint research projects with members of the NNSA consortia on new detector and non-proliferation technologies. They will also support visits to US laboratories to undertake novel scientific research, obtain a first-hand insight of US detection hardware, understand US data collection & management. They also provide an opportunity to demonstrate new developing technologies to potential future end users in the US.

The travel grants will enable the UK researchers to travel to the US and deliver a face-to-face presentation of their research findings. They provide an opportunity to share experiences, discuss solutions to technical challenges and agree future collaborative actions for research projects.

Our awards are intended to lead to the development of further funding applications to NuSec and other funding bodies.

For further details on how to apply for a NuSec-NNSA collaboration grant please visit our NuSec Funding webpageNB The closing dates for 2023 applications are 1st April and 31st July 2023.