2018 Pilot Project Outputs

Posters from 3 projects are now available to view and download. The remaining 2 posters will be availlable shortly.

Cussans & Wright - Developing the SoLiD detector to measure anti-neutrino flux inside nuclear reactors Poster

Mc Milllan - An investigation of Glass Cherenkov detectors in a pulsed neutron interrogation system Poster 

Taggart & Paterson - The development of a Neutron-Gamma Telescope Poster

All Pilot Project Posters will be formally presented at our Nuclear Security Detection Workshop, University of Surrey 15-16 April 2019.

Registrations for our workshop are now open, those who register before 31st January 2019 will qualify for an early registration booking discount. To register for this event please proceed to the University of Surrey online store.