The Sigma Data Challenge was formally launched at our Technical Workshop, London, 11th October 2022  

 The Sigma Data Challenge is a pilot project to trial access for academic researchers to large scale data from multi-site radiation detectors. It’s an opportunity for researchers to develop machine learning or AI algorithms to analyse this large data set of spectra, and to make conclusions about the distribution of radiation sources that were present in the field.  

The vision behind this Sigma Data Challenge is to provide access to these data, engaging the academic community in the development of distributed RN detection spectroscopic ID algorithms.  The datasets which will be made available were obtained during the Sigma London pilots of 2017/2018 where almost one billion gamma ray spectra were recorded by around one hundred distributed detectors located in central London. The data were collected on three occasions, each spanning weeks to months in duration. The middle pilot data will be released first, and the intent is to respond to feedback from the community in subsequent calls by extending the datasets, for example by generating synthetic threat spectra to go with the as-collected spectra, as well as by releasing further datasets in following challenges. 

Participation and access to the data will be by registration through NuSec, including agreement with terms and conditions and the expectation to participate in a NuSec Workshop in Autumn 2023.  

If you are interested in participating in the Challenge, please read the presentation given at the NuSec Network Technical Workshop 11th October 2022 and complete the Application Form (includes terms and conditions). 

Successful applicants will be invited to attend an online meeting in November 2022 to discuss next steps for releasing the SIGMA data. NuSec are also hoping to offer funding to pay 2-3 months of a student stipend to support either undergraduate or postgraduate research for this Data Challenge.

Please submit your completed application form to