2017 Summer Pilot Project Awards Confirmed

Following an external competition, the NuSec Science Network has made five awards to 4 Universities for early stage research, on topics that could enhance the field of nuclear security.

Each award is worth around £4,000. 2 awards were made to the University of York.

Research will be undertaken this summer by undergraduates and supervised by senior Academics. Industry will also be involved in a couple of projects through the loan of research facilities and equipment.

Findings will reported at our next Technical Workshop, Algorithms for Autonomous Decision Making in Nuclear Security, 18th September 2017, London. Please register to attend using this Evenbrite link. 



2017 Nuclear Security Summer Pilot Project

University of York

Compact X-ray sources

Imperial College London

Enhancing source localisation for threat detection

Lancaster University

Fluorescence spectra of alpha emitting isotopes for stand-off detector development

University of York

Pulse Shape Analysis (PSA) for temperature dependent scintillator signals

University of Bristol & St Marys Twickenham  

Van Allen Belt Signatures of Nuclear Weapon Tests for Future Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) Technologies