A RoadMap for the Use of Non Radiological Sources in Well Logging

In January 2018, the NuSec network, AWE and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) organised a workshop in Cambridge with key stakeholders and subject matter experts from the UK & US energy industry, nuclear security, academia, Government agencies to identify possible alternative technologies for radiation sources for well loggers..

The aims of the workshop were to :-  

  • Identify a potential list of alternative technologies for well loggers
  • Scope out the best alternative technologies and identify the required developments, including the identification of any specific enablers (e.g. partner organisations, funding) and barriers;
  • Provide evidence for policy, programme and funding requirements to stakeholders (e.g. regulatory bodies, the UK government, RCUK).

 A road mapping technique (a structured visual framework) was used to explore each of these technologies.

Actions were identified for reducing and eventually eliminating the use of radiological or nuclear material by the energy industry. This evidence will be presented to industry, regulatory bodies, the UK government, RCUK to facilitate policy, programme and investment decisions for their adoption of non radiation sources by the sector.

 A  report outlining the workshop discussions and suggested key actions can now be downloaded.