NuSec Network Achievements and Future Funding & Networking Opportunities

Our 2019/2020 Achievements and 2020-2021 Funding & Networking opportunities are summarised in our fourth Annual Newsletter 

Apologies for this publication delay which has been due to the uncertainties and restrictions caused by the current COVID 19 pandemic.

We are pleased to confirm that in 2021 will continue to support the Nuclear Security Science research community through our Personal Development Grants,  Summer Student Pilot Projects and on line technical seminars. We will also announce the recipients of 3 further Phd Studentship Awards.

We are also delighted to announce that in April 2021, we will also be lauching a new UK-US Academic Network in Nuclear Skills . Grants will be available over the next 3 years to support collaborative research pilot studies, student training and staff mobility between UK researchers working in nuclear security and members of the NNSA partner universities and national laboratories. Further details will be announced in 2021.