Our first NuSec UK – US Collaboration Grant Award Success

Our first NuSec UK – US Collaboration Grant Travel Award was completed by an Oxford Researcher earlier this month.

Our NuSec grant enabled them to travel to the US and deliver a face-to-face presentation of High Repetition Data Research to an international audience at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 8th-12th November 2021. The UK Researcher also had in person discussions with Laurence Livermore Laboratory. These face-to-face meetings provided an opportunity to share and discuss current ideas, raise awareness of approaches and issues that other international researchers had not yet considered. Discussions with Laurence Livermore Laboratory will continue to focus on exploring potential collaborative research projects that may be eligible for funding from NuSec and other funding bodies.

If you are interested in applying for a NuSec UK-US Collaboration Grant to support collaborative research, engagement, mobility or skills training activities with one of the NNSA ETI, MTV and NSSC consortia members, Please read the Guidance and FAQs on our NuSec Website.

Please also complete a NuSec-NNSA Collaboration Grant Application form and submit a letter of support from your NNSA consortia member to info@nusec.uk by the c.o.p 1st January 2022.