31 January 2018


11 October 2017

North Carolina State University - Vest Scholars program

The Vest Scholars program pays for one student from the UK to spend a year working and studying with a faculty member at North Carolina State University.





11 October 2017

ISST Nuclear Security Breakfast Briefing, London 1 Nov 2017

The breakfast briefing (8-9am) will be hosted by  Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) at Imperial College London

The event will convene a small group of experts to discuss security issues around the movement and provenance of nuclear materials.  The participants will be drawn from Imperial College London and other organisations working…

31 July 2017

Algorithms for Autonomous Decision Making Workshop, London, 18th Sept 2017

We held  our second Technical workshop in London on Monday 18th September 2017,  60 people atteneded from Academia, Goverrment and Industry.

The scope included Algorithms for Automated Decision Making, the Interpretation and Analysis of Complex Multiple Data Streams, and the Practical Implementation of Decision Making Systems in the Context of Border Protection and Other Scenarios.