NuSec Network Personal Development Grants Awarded to Date

February 2020

Our Personal Development Grants are aimed at strengthening the research and innovation capacity of Nuclear Security researchers and at developing new collaboration  between researchers and partner organisations. To date, we have made 23 awards to PhD students at UK Universities totalling around £23,000, to support attendance and collaborations at Nuclear Security Science events and courses in the USA ,Europe and Australia.

Events and courses include:-]

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC), Manchester,  26th October – 2nd  November 2019.

International conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications (ANIMMA), Portoro┼ż, Slovenia 17th-21st June 2019

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conferences Sydney, Australia, 10 - 17 Nov 2018 and  Atlanta, Georgia, 21st-28th October 2017 

 Electromagnetic Non Destructive Evaluation (ENDE) conference, Saclay, France, 6-8th Sept 2017

 ESARDA Course on Nuclear Safeguards and Non-proliferation, Ispra, Italy 3-7th April 2017 

 Waste Management Symposium, Phoenix (AZ, USA), 5th – 9th March 2017

 Certified Nuclear Security Professional Course, World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)

If you wish to apply for an NUSEC PDG please read our  Guidance