UK-US Collaboration Grants Awarded to Date

June 2024

To date we now have awarded 27 UK- US  NNSA collaborative research projects, with a total project value of ~ £874, 000 

A full list of awards to date can be found here

Our PDRA awards will/have enabled UK ECRs to undertake 3-12-month research projects within the UK and with members of the NNSA & DTRA URA consortia on a range of new detector and non-proliferation technologies.

They have facilitated researcher visits to UK & US laboratories to undertake novel scientific research, obtain a first-hand insight of UK & US detection hardware, collect and manage technical data, and apply a varitety of analytical methods.

Working collaboratively with other experts has helped to improve researcher understanding of their results, and built confidence to try alternative approaches. Researchers have/can  demonstrate and refine new developing detection technologies to potential future end users in the US and UK.

Our travel awards will/have enabled UK researchers to visit the USA and other European Countries to deliver face-to-face presentations of their research findings at conferences and meetings. They have /will provide an opportunity to share experiences, discuss solutions to technical challenges and agree next steps for research projects.

As our funds are now fully committed, there will be no further awards made.